When Guns & Roses were singing this awesome song, there were no Social Media & the marketing landscape was much easier & more naïve (And the songs were far better and original). This day everyone talks about social media marketing & analytics, yet too many customers & individuals are getting lost in the detail jungle. I always believe that 80% of learning something deeply starts with the basics. So, I made a list of some ten very basic tips for a company or an individual not to get lost in. Here is my list in random order:

  1. What kind of people do you want to attract and what are their interests? Know your audience & give a name to your average Joe!
  2. Always tell a Story. Stories stick !
  3. Feed the content monster with content creation & curation.
  4. Add multimedia to your posts. More senses triggered simultaneously -> Sticky messages.
  5. Create some remarkability for your messages
  6. Put the user inside a habit zone related to your overall message
  7. Make people feel like insiders belonging to your special club
  8. Use titles like "How to ...", "The ultimate....".
  9. Jump on new platforms. Avoid commoditization.
  10. Socialize your events and connect them to posts.