24 February 2016


Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities – A loyalty scheme towards the adoption of smart & sustainable mobility habits in modern cities

It is true that modern cities aiming to become “smarter” & truly sustainable have the need to invent a new way to address the unsustainable mobility problem in a holistic manner which deals with all the dimensions of the problem. There have been many efforts up to date toward this goal , but the centralized approach without the real participation of citizens has proven to achieve rather poor results , to say the least.

02 February 2016

by Thomas Papapolyzos

Welcome to the Jungle - 10 Basic Tips for surviving in the Social Media Jungle

When Guns & Roses were singing this awesome song, there were no Social Media & the marketing landscape was much easier & more naïve (And the songs were far better and original). This day everyone talks about social media marketing & analytics, yet too many customers & individuals are getting lost in the detail jungle. I always believe that 80% of learning something deeply starts with the basics.